Shortened Memory Aids for Dementia


Many people who are living with dementia have difficulty finding things, finding locations, doing things in the right order and/or remembering basic facts that were well known to them in the past. Memory supports cue the brain, thus providing an essential “reminder” that will guide a person living with dementia to successfully navigate his/her way through activities of daily life, thus supporting independence and enhancing self-esteem (Hunt, McCoy, Elliot & Ducak, 2014). This is a win-win for both the person living with dementia and those who provide support and care.


The goal of this book is to offer care partners a variety of memory supports for people living with dementia. The memory aids in this book have been created to help those who are struggling with memory loss to successfully find things and locations, complete tasks in sequence and be reminded of important details related to daily life.

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