Large-Print Books

Welcome to our “Carry on Reading” large print book series. We have over 30 book titles in this series, with stories about farming, inventions, famous people (such as Bob Hope, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth), places (such as Ireland) and much, much more. Our books are interesting and enjoyable, and they provide rich opportunities for reminiscing and discussion. Perhaps equally important, they are designed for people to use individually or in a group setting. For groups, we recommend that each person holds his/her own copy of the book, making it easier for everyone to follow along. The words “Next reader please”, which appear on each page, will prompt the reader to invite the next person to begin reading. The stories are printed on one side of the page, to ensure everyone starts reading on the right page. The end result is an activity where individuals and/or group participants enjoy the experience of reading interesting books and sharing memories related to the content. Most importantly, these books have been set up for success. You will be amazed at the rich discussion that is generated when people read our stories.