Creative Art Co.

“Karen and Brian work almost exclusively in providing solutions for dementia care environments, resulting in the current array of interactive murals and activity-based backdrops. With up-lifting, retro and relatable imagery, the goal is to help mitigate negative behaviours experienced by residents in Memory Care, associated with confusion, anxiety and boredom.”

Dementia Connections Magazine

Dignity and Dementia: Carpe Diem

“Dignity & Dementia: Carpe Diem invites you to experience life with dementia through the lens of the author. This easy-to-read book pulls you into the writer’s world with short journal entries, published as written, from the time of her diagnosis through the first six years of her journey with a cognitive impairment. Written with optimism and humour, this book offers a first-hand perspective on the joys and challenges of life and love while living with dementia.”

Rest and Nest

“Working in collaboration with health care professionals and seniors in the community, our collections integrate the necessities with special touches to transform any room into a homey living space.”

A Rose for Grandma

“Annie loves spending time with her grandparents; they’re some of her favorite people. One day she notices Grandma acting a bit strangely, and Annie learns that her warm, creative, loving grandma has Alzheimer’s Disease. Although at first Annie is worried, as she learns more about dementia, she makes up her mind to help Grandma in any way she can.”


“Inspired by insights from older adults, personal support workers, nurses, and experts in long-term care, I have designed a garment that optimizes continence care for both carers and wearers.  ZipperOn is a one-piece cozy fabric garment with 4 zippers oriented downwards between the legs for quick and easy access to care. This is an ideal product for those: wearing incontinence products, receiving wound care, experiencing pain, or displaying responsive behaviours.”

Life Story Prints by Time Well Spent

“How do you share your loved one’s story with their care team?

These customized prints capture memories, achievements, and photos to tell their life story. Spark conversation and build connections with care staff, family, and visitors.”

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Note: Consider using the DementiAbility Memory Book (available here) to help gather the facts and stories to feature in the print.