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COVID-19 Posters

DementiAbility has created new posters to help people with dementia understand the new rules we are all adhering to during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Please print – laminate – and share with all who need to be reminded about the many details associated with our new way of living.

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Research about COVID-19 spread and hand washing

Books about COVID-19 for People with Dementia

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COVID-19 Messaging Boards for Dementia Care
This document includes a variety of messages for individuals living with dementia. Many do not understand what is going on, or remember what you have told them.
For example, “What is COVID-19?”, “Why do I look like this?” (for staff to use if they are wearing a mask), “Why we are doing things differently, and why family are not visiting”. The file is a word document, providing you a template to make changes to suit your needs – and your environment.

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Engaging Activity Ideas for Dementia During COVID-19
DementiAbility and Behavioural Supports Ontario have partnered to create a list of activities for people living with dementia to enjoy during these difficult days of isolation and physical distancing.
The aim is to engage people in activities that add meaning, pleasure and purpose throughout the day, while abiding by the rigorous rules related to COVID-19. Be sure to print the COVID-19 book for people living with dementia and give it to each person who would benefit from knowing about what is going on and why.

Tips for Video Chats with People with Dementia
Simple guidelines for engaging in a video chat for
those in LTC and for those living at home.

Engaging Activity Ideas for Dementia During COVID-19

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