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DementiAbility’s Words and Wisdom ™ App: A Must Have for Dementia

Posted on: Tue Dec 20

An Engaging, Specially Designed iPad App for Dementia Who doesn’t enjoy a good game of trivia, a good book or conversation prompts that engage the brain and initiate conversation with others?  When playing a game of trivia, doesn’t it feel great when you know the answers, and when reading a book, don’t you want it […]

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Pictures that “Pop”: Colouring with Success in Dementia Care

Posted on: Thu Apr 1

By:  Gail Elliot, Founder, DementiAbility Enterprises Inc. In the past few years, colouring has become a favourite pastime for people of all ages.  In dementia care, this trend has also been catching on. It is wonderful to see that people with all different levels of cognitive and/or physical ability are now spending their leisure time showcasing their […]

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“Let’s Talk About Me”: Capturing Life Stories in Facts and Photos

Posted on: Thu Feb 11

By: Gail Elliot, Gerontologist & Dementia Specialist  Founder, DementiAbility Enterprises Inc.  Question: What is one of the best ways to set a person with dementia up for success when asking about specific facts related to his/her life story?    Answer:  Provide written facts, along with hard copies of photos – and put the details into a book […]

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